Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is a very special kind of Internet celebrity.

Boastful and persistent, Dotcom’s ongoing legal troubles have made him a vocal, self-appointed hero of the digital age. But there’s one big problem: He’s not actually saying anything.

“They abused the wrong guy. Power to the people. Bye bye, Echelon. Hello, Freedom,” Dotcom said in an incomprehensible post on Twitter today.

The message was one of many tweets talking about Megaupload, which Dotcom says will reemerge in a big way later this year.

“I am going to turn this world upside down,” he predicted. For the Megaupload founder, this means creating what he calls a “massive global network” that will allow hosts outside the U.S. “to connect servers and bandwidth.”

Better, Dotcom says that all of this will be highly secure. “The new Mega will offer one-click-encryption of ALL your data transfers, on the fly, easy to use, free of charge, TOTAL PRIVACY!,” he…

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