Naeto C Set To Wed

Storm Records rapper,
Naeto C is reportedly
getting set to wed his long
time model girlfriend and
sweet heart, Nicole
The couples, who have
enjoyed a rather
relationship for the past
one-year now, have been a
regular at award shows and
events and it was learnt that
formal introductions had
already been done by the
prospective groom to the
model’s parents sometime in
October, 2011.
The ‘Kini Big Deal’ rapper,
who refused to divulge
further details on the
wedding when prodded by
pressmen on the issue,
however confirmed that the
wedding was definitely
billed to take place early
next year.
Naeto is the son of former
Aviation Minister and now
ambassador of Nigeria to
Ireland Kema Chikwe,
while Nicole Chukwueke is
the daughter of Germaine
Motors owner, Chief


Femi Kuti Impregnates Another Dancer

Afrobeat maestro Femi Kuti
is sure taking after his
father’s footsteps – he’s
already worked his way to
being crowned king of the
musical genre his father
founded. And for some time
now, he’s thrown caution
aside as he adopts the
unconventional romance
and baby making lifestyle of
his late father Fela
Anikulapo-Kuti. The junior
Kuti, who has confessed
being in a string of
relationships, is now
believed to be expecting his
sixth child from his latest
lover Antonia.
Sources close to the Kutis
say Tonia (as she is fondly
called) who is one of Femi’s
Positive Force Band dancers,
is ‘very heavy’ and will soon
put to bed. The ‘couple’
according to tabloid reports
have been seen together
one too many times at social
functions (including Mrs
Sonia Ransome-Kuti‘s
burial back in April). A
source close to the Kuti
family says Tonia pays
occasional visits to the Kutis’
residence in Akute, Ogun
Femi Kuti is currently in
court with his ex-wife Funke
over their pending divorce.
He told us in October 2010
in an exclusive interview ‘I
have girlfriends and they
know themselves…I got
married once and I knew I
was wrong. I don’t believe in
An attempt to reach the
activist-musician who we
hear just rounded up his
Europe tour and is back in
the country proved abortive;
and text messages sent to
his sister Yeni kuti were not
immediately replied. Our
reporter visited the New
Afrika Shrine on Thursday
November 24, but none of
the managers on duty was
willing to comment.
The expected sixth child
follows the birth of Kuti’s
fifth child Tejumoluwa,
from another dancer Bose
Ajila on Tuesday, March 15,
The other five Femi Kuti
children are Lade,
Ayomide, Tunmise and his
first son Morinmade fondly
called Made.

‘Let’s Go International!’ – Darey

Considered as the king of
R&B in Nigeria, Darey Art
Alade has successfully
earned the title with his
numerous achievements
after just three albums in
the bag. Darey, in a chat
with Factory 78’s Adesope
Olajide lets us in on his
rise to fame, plans for a
U.K album and why he
proudly supports Charity
How are you doing sir?
I’m good.
We’re very happy to see
you at events. You just
went to Charity Bowl Bar,
Swizz Beatz and Alicia
Keys. How was that
Ah, it was great. Just hanging
around, supporting the
charity which is really
important. You know the
charity is all about
immunizing children in
Africa and in India. And as a
Nigerian just doing my PR
tour, I thought ‘let me just
support this charity because
it makes sense’. It sounds
genuine. And the event was
really interesting; it was fun
meeting people, seeing
some old faces I haven’t
seen in a while, and enjoying
the performances from
different artists. Big
surprises, like Boy George, I
have never seen perform
live. It was great seeing him
perform live. It was
You’re talking about
performances, having
your own tour. I was very
lucky to be at
performances by yourself,
at KC’s bar. First of all
the performances, how
do you think you were
received here in London?
It was great. Yeah, Steam
Bar, gave a performance,
just a few songs. Just trying
to get people to see what
we’re doing. Obviously they
know some of the songs.
From ‘Somebody’ to ‘The
way you are’ which is the
one we’re trying to promote.
I saw your performance,
absolutely smashing. It
was well-received
especially by the ladies.
Even though you kept
them in mind when you
were making that song;
‘Bani ki di’, ‘Style na
style’, let’s talk about this
album that you’re
promoting. But before we
get there, I just want us
to give a little
introduction. Yes, you’ve
come from a blood line
of greats; your father was
a legend in the game,
and we still talk about
him this day. And you’ve
come up in that family,
just following your
father’s footsteps. Let’s
talk about your
upbringing and how
music kind of became the
norm for you.
Probably for me music
started from as young as
eight, singing here and
there, joining a school choir
in secondary school at C.M.S
Grammar School. I ended up
joining the choir; from there
I started doing
performances outside
school. I joined different
groups, started singing with
different bands. Then I
started radio. I did radio for
five years. I did some years
on T.V at the same, getting a
degree in the University at
the same time, performing
at shows. So there was a lot
of music and entertainment
going on at a stretch at the
time, including school. And
then 2004 came, the reality
show in South Africa; Project
Fame. It was a great
launching pad, just to get
me in the consciousness of
Nigerians and Africans in
general. After that, I
released my first album in
2006, ‘From Me 2 U’; quite a
mix of songs, a mix of
genres in the album. But
quite a few songs, like two
or three songs made it big.
That was a good start, it was
exciting. It was actually a
critical success in the sense
of the word because people
tore it down, they ripped it
apart, and people loved it
too. It got people talking,
and it was a great beginning.
And the second album, ‘Un-
DAREY-Tated’ dropped in
2009, and some hits like;
‘Not The Girl’, ‘No Stars’,
‘Carry Dey Go’ with 2Face,
‘Style Na Style’ with 9ice, I
did the original with just him
and myself, and quite a few
other songs. Did ‘More’, ‘let
You Know’; so many songs!
So it was even a bigger hit
than the first one, we were
on the roll. It took another
two years to finish the third
album which is the double
album, ‘Double Dare’, this is
all for Naija by the way. And
of course, ‘Double Dare’ has
great songs like ‘The Way
You Are’, ‘Bani ki di’, ‘Style
Na Style’ remix with like
Jesse Jags and 9ice. I have
people like Timaya on the
album, Psquare on the
album, Mo’Cheddah and
Chamillionaire all the way
from the U.S. On the success
of that, and from all the
hype over the years, people
have been like ‘you know
what? let’s share this music
with the rest of the world.
Let’s go international’. And
we’ve wanted to; we’ve been
working underground for
this, for the longest time.
And it’s about time we start
rolling out the plan little by
little. Do some PR, Come out
here to do a week-long PR
campaign, attending events,
performing, mixing and
mingling, doing press
interviews and all that stuff.
So now after obviously I’ve
dropped an album in
Nigeria, I have to do a U.K
album, some of the songs in
the third album in naija will
make it to the UK album.
Recording fresh stuff that
will work with our oyinbo
friends and our western
friends just so that they
won’t feel left out. We’ve
got a mix of African-Euro
pop kind of sound.
Sorry to cut you short
there. I didn’t want you
to leave that Euro pop
thing going. Speaking of
the different type of
sounds you’ve brought
into the game this time.
The first I saw of it was
like a viral video. I just
kept on playing it. I was
like is this funky house,
what exactly was it and
how did that come
I can’t exactly tell you really
what it is. I mean it’s
experimental; you just do
what you’re feeling. But if
you want to dissect it, the
lyrics are in Hausa, the beat
is like House. So you can call
it ‘Housa’. (Laughs). You
know it’s fun, it’s high
tempo, it’s high energy. The
synth is very grimy, you hear
that at high volume and all
you want to do is dance, you
don’t really care what
they’re talking about. I think
that’s the dissection of that.
You went from ‘The Way
You Are’ which is a
brilliant video. Everybody
has seen it. You’ve been
crowned the king of RnB
in Nigeria, people
appreciate your voice.
People are trying to put
you with some of the
greats we’ve listened to.
We appreciate good
music in Nigeria. We’ve
listened to the Joes, the
R. Kelly’s and you’ve had
a chance to perform with
some of these guys on
stage. How does that feel
for you?
I remember opening for R.
Kelly in Cape Town a few
years ago, for the This Day
Music Festival. That was fun.
Meeting him afterwards, just
chatting, and taking pictures
and all that stuff. And I was
the only person that opened
for that stuff and it was
lovely. Performing for South
African audience that really
didn’t know the music, and
they were so supportive, and
they had a great time. So
that was definitely great.
There’s been other openings
and sharing stages with so
many other big names and
that really is very humbling
and something worth being
happy about.
There’s one part I’ve
always wanted to talk to
you about, and that’s
your video making; the
video that you guys come
up with. I don’t know
who you work with, who
directs those videos but
you have completely
taken African music
videos to a whole new
level. You’ve been
recognized for those
videos in the past. You’ve
dropped ‘Bani Ki di’ and
‘The Way You Are’. You
have to expect big
nominations even if
you’ve only given it to
the fans. People should
recognize the hard work
you’ve put into it. Tell us
more about who people
you’ve worked with in
those videos, and those
beautiful pictures came
I don’t know if we’re going
to get nominations and all
that but we do these things
as promotional tools, and
really for people to enjoy.
When nominations come, it
is by the way. It is exciting,
don’t get me wrong, it’s not
like we don’t feel good
about it but the real reason
why it’s done is for people
to enjoy, and when you do
get nominations that mean
people are really enjoying it.
Making the videos is very
interesting, my team at Soul
Muzik, and the normal
directors that we work with.
So ourselves and Mark
Hofmeyr, our video director,
he’s South African.
Sometimes we shoot in
South Africa. ‘The Way You
Are’ for example was shot in
the U.K. I was just trying to
look for many exotic places.
We’ve shot at home many a
time. It’s all about variety at
the end of the day so we
came out here, we shot the
video. The trick to it is really
taking our time. And it will
take about one, two or
three months to just vibe
with ideas back and forth.
The music is ready, so you
keep listening, you keep
developing on the idea, you
write some scripts down. Do
some illustrations, and
eventually you pick a date to
shoot, and you try to make
sure everything is there. And
when you’re editing every
little aspect is very
important, from the
costuming to the shots, the
quality of the camera, the
lights, and the location. It
takes a long time. Some
people try to do it over
night, and you can see from
the end result.
When are we going to be
expecting a tour by Darey
in the U.K?
A tour is in the works,
obviously if the album is
released, there’s definitely
going to be a tour after that.
Building up to that, I’m
going to be back in a month
or so, the carnival is around
the corner. We’re going to
come back heavy on that
one and do some
performances. And we’re
going to take it to a few
other Nigerian clubs. Make
some appearances in
Calabar, different places.
Possible just do Jazz Café
one day and invite a lot of
people, from there we could
try the Indigo, the O2 Arena,
and just trying to fill more
spaces. For now, we need
the fans, we need you guys
to join the train, and we
need all the support we can
Before you go, where can
people follow you;
Twitter, Facebook?
Check out my website.
Brand new tear rubber, you
know that kain’ thing. From there
you can link me up on
Facebook, Twitter.
Everything is there. So just
check my website. Videos,
everything is on there.

Mo’Hits, Choc Boiz, Waje, Others For NotjustOk Music Concert

As announced earlier, the
first ever Notjustok Music
Concert will be taking place
on Saturday, December 17,
2011 and organizers of the
music concert recently
unveiled the artistes billed
to perform as well as hosts
for the event.
Over 30 artistes according to
show organizers will be
gracing the stage to thrill
their fans as they render
their popular hit songs. They
include The Mo’Hits Crew,
Choc Boiz (M.I, Jesse Jagz,
Ice Prince and Brymo),
EME’s Banky W, Wizkid,
Skales, Kennis Music all
stars, eLDee da Don ,
Waje and Tiwa Savage.
Others are Lami,
Mo’cheddah, SauceKid,
Sound Sultan,
Timaya,Chidinma, Myke,
Iyanya, Eva, RuggedMan,
Ikechukwu, Kelly
Hansome,Show Dem
Camp, Iceberg Slim,
Kefee, Dammy Krane,
Yung6ix, Davido , Flavour,
Samklef, Bracket, YQ,
Vector, Olamide, ILLBliss,
Tha Suspect and SolidStar.
Organizers say the show will
be anchored by five hosts –
TV host Andre Blaze, Model
and Africa Allstars
Winner Uti, BEAT FM
OAP Gbemi Olateru-
Olagbegi, Industry Nite
host Mc Larry D and
Soundcity TV host Moet
Disc Jockey for the night
include DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ
Neptune, DJ Humility, DJ
Spinall, DJ Atte, Dj Vinnie,
DJ Tee and DJ Xclusive.
The event is billed to hold at
The GET Arena, Lekki,

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