Cash Money’s Birdman andSlim Connected to SexualAssault Lawsuit

Cash Money Records founders
and co-CEOs Baby (also known
as Birdman **) and Slim are
being held accountable for a
sexual assault.
Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan
“Baby” Williams invited plantiff
Nicole Westmoreland for “a
presentation” with Cash Money
Records at a “rented” recording
studio, according to My Fox
Atlanta [LINK] via Hip-Hop Wired
While in court last week (Jan. 24),
Westmoreland recalled that Cash
Money associate Alfred Cleveland
followed her into the restroom
and sexually assaulted her. “He
bit me on my cheek. I was like… I
tried to pull his hands down and
he turned me around,”
Westmoreland said. “He turned
me around and pulled my jeans
The Williams brothers deny that
Cleveland was an employee but a
Westmoreland was reportedly
offered $100,000 in cash to not
report the assault. After she
refused she allegedly faced a
death threat, “if I didn’t drop it
they were going to kill me.”
Although the Williams brothers
weren’t involved in the assault,
Westmoreland is holding them,
Cash Money Records,
accountable. When the record
label’s attorney, Jim Cox, asked if
she believed Slim and Baby knew
the sexual assault was underway
she responded, “I believe Bryan
Williams and Ronald Williams has
to know the rapist was
Westmoreland under went
treatment at a “mental hopsital”
after encountering suicidal
thoughts. She is seeking
“unspecified financial damages.”
Representative for Birdman and
Slim have yet to respond to our
request for a comment.


M.I.A. Returns with ‘Bad Girls’Single: Listen

Aside from an AMY WINEHOUSE
TRIBUTE SONG and working on
a forthcoming collaboration with
Madonna **, M.I.A. ** remained
fairly quiet in 2011, apparently
hard at work on the follow-up to
2010’s poorly received “/\/\ /\
Y /\.” In anticipation of her
fourth full-length, the singer
released “Bad Girls,” a new single
that is a reworked version of a
track on her “Vicki Leekx”
“Live fast, die young, bad girls do
it well,” M.I.A. sings on the
hypnotic hook, which is unfurled
over a midtempo thump provided
by producer Danja. According to
Pitchfork [LINK], the new version
of “Bad Girls” will hit digital
retailers Tuesday (Jan. 31), and a
video for the song will premiere
on Friday.
M.I.A.’s fourth album is expected
to be released this summer, but
before that, pop fans will hear
the Sri Lankan singer on “Give
Me All Your Luvin,” the first
single from Madonna’s
forthcoming album “M.D.N.A.”
that also features Nicki Minaj **.
On Feb. 3, the song and official
music video will be unveiled **,
and two days later, Madonna will
perform during the halftime show
at Super Bowl XLVI in
Indianapolis. Will M.I.A. and
Minaj join the pop star at the
Super Bowl? Only time will tell.

M.I.A. Confirms Super BowlAppearance

M.I.A. ** will join Madonna **
and Nicki Minaj ** at the Super
Bowl halftime show, the musician
confirmed to the BBC’s Zane
“Yes, I’m going to the Super
Bowl… I’m gonna be performing
with Madonna and Nicki Minaj…
If you’re gonna go to the Super
Bowl, you might as well go with
America’s biggest female icons,”
she said, according to NME
M.I.A. and Minaj will join
Madonna on a performance of
“Give Me All Your Luvin’,” the
Material Girl’s first single from
M.I.A. released a SINGLE OF HER
OWN on Monday, “Bad Girls,” a
reworked version of a track from
last year’s “Vicki Leekx” mixtape.

Justin Bieber to Host ‘SaturdayNight Live,’ Says Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin just did something
that would certainly anger his “30
Rock” character, NBC exec Jack
Donaghy: He leaked official
network intel. On today’s episode
of Baldwin’s “Here’s The Thing”
podcast on WNYC, the “30 Rock”
actor delves in deep with
“Saturday Night Live” executive
producer Lorne Michaels, and in
the process, reveals that Justin
Bieber will host “SNL” in the
upcoming months.
Setting the scene at Michaels’
office, Baldwin reads off some of
the names that appear on a
board of confirmed “SNL” hosts
this season. Among them is the
Biebs, who previously served as
the musical guest in April 2010
but has never hosted the show.
Michaels confirms Baldwin’s
announcement with a yes, 26
minutes into the podcast [LINK].
Baldwin innocently notes: “The
biggest names in the business are
coming here thirty-something
years [after ‘SNL’s debut] to host
the show. Ben Stiller, Melissa
McCarthy, [who] won the Emmy
award, and Katy Perry’s coming
and Jimmy Fallon, who’s double-
dipping on your payroll, Jonah
Hill, and I don’t want to ruin any
other names, [but] Bieber’s
confirmed, he’s the music and
the [host].”
Assuming this is true (NBC has
not yet confirmed), Bieber will
follow in the footsteps of fellow
pop star host Katy Perry, who
took the comedy reigns this past
December. Bieber showed off his
acting chops (if you want to call
them that) with a guest spot on
“CSI” in 2010.
Next up on the “SNL” slate is
host Zooey Deschanel with
musical guest Bon Iver on Feb. 4,
followed by Channing Tatum with
musical guests Karmin on Feb.
What do you think? Will Bieber
be able to keep up with the
comedians of “SNL”?

Lil Wayne Debuts ‘Mirror’ Feat.Bruno Mars: Watch

Lil Wayne ** gets introspective
with Bruno Mars ** in the official
video for “Mirror,” the radio-
friendly single from the deluxe
edition of “Tha Carter IV.”
The Antoine Fuqua directed clip
consists of close-ups of both
artists, playing on the idea of
Weezy’s artwork as a cathartic
experience. Weezy splashes red
and black paint all over a room
while fadora-toting Bruno Mars
joins in for a cinematic hook.
Lil Wayne to Release ‘I Am Not
a Human Being 2’ Before
Summer, Birdman Says **
The video comes at a perfect
time. While releasing visuals from
his Billboard 200 No. 1 album,
Birdman ** told Complex that Lil
Wayne is placing the final touches
on “I Am Not a Human Being 2.”
The “ready to go” project is
slated before this summer.

Grammy Producer Talks Adele,McCartney & (Lack of)Boycotts

The Recording Academy uses the
two weeks prior to the Grammy
Awards to announce performers
and presenters and executive
producer Ken Ehrlich says
Thursday should yield a “major
interesting” announcement.
Ehrlich tells Billboard that this
year’s telecast — 8 p.m. Feb. 12
on CBS — will feature 17 or 18
production pieces with about 22
songs being performed.
“Arguably it’s one of the biggest
shows” in the history of the
Grammys, he says.
Ehrlich, who started working on
the telecast in 1984, spoke about
this year’s show, careful to not
reveal any details that will come
out in the next coupe of weeks.
Friday, he says “we might have
another two or three things.
Barring the unseen, I think we’re
done. There’s one thing hanging
out there, but usually by now
we’re done. But you never
For a while there, the
Grammys trade in stock was
all of the duets. It felt like it
eased up but they have come
back and make more sense
now, like Usher and Justin
Bieber last year. Will that
What I’ve always tried to do is
raise the bar – Prince and
Beyonce, honoring the Clash with
Bruce Springsteen. Our calling
card has been you have to watch
because there are performances
you have not seen before. Point
of fact, my first show was with
Neil Diamond and Barbra
Streisand doing ‘You Don’t Bring
Me Flowers’ live for the first time.
What really got us doing those
things was when Neil (Portnow)
arrived and he said we should do
more of them. Because the show
is at the end of the awards cycle,
it’s not about putting people on
who you’ve seen elsewhere.
One person who has not made
it on other shows is Adele. Any
word yet on her possible
We are in discussions with Adele
and we’re hoping her first
appearance will be on the
You’ve announced a fair
number of performers – a
tribute to Glen Campbell with
the Band Perry and Blake
Shelton, Jason Aldean, Kelly
Clarkson, Coldplay, Rihanna,
Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars,
Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift.
Has the consolidation of
categories to 78 affected who
you can book?
Personally I miss a broader
palette but it has not really
affected us. I was concerned with
regard to the mainstream
categories combining male and
female into performance. I like
the broadest canvas possible
because when I put on a show, I
believe the more the merrier. So
some people not nominated will
be on the show.
When the announcement was
made that there would be
fewer categories there was
talk of protests and boycotts.
Has anyone that you reached
out to said they would not
appear on the show or CBS?
No not one. That brings up a
good point. Paul Simon is a good
friend of mine and he made a
brilliant album and, as a fan, I
think he deserved (a nomination).
I’m disappointed, but I don’t
think the reduction in categories
had anything to do with him not
getting nominated.
In interviews around the time
of the nominations concert in
December, Recording
Academy president and CEO
Neil Portnow said there was
potential for the December
show to take on some of the
February telecast. Did that
occur? The show felt different
from years past.
We finally found our place. We
struggled for a couple of years. It
felt unwieldy in Nokia Theatre
and then we moved it but it was
way too big for the club. After
three years, we said we need to
give it it’s own life. We needed to
mirror the February show so we
put in one of the Grammy Hall of
Fame songs, “The Message,” for
a segment and the response was
great. Nick Ashford and Jerry
Lieber had just passed away and I
thought that once we got to
February we wouldn’t be able to
what we could do (in December)
with Usher and their songwriting
partners (Valerie Simpson and
Mike Stoller). We had Gaga,
Jason Aldean – it was a
miniaturized Grammy show. We
read off five categories — that
was enough. It’s Paul Revere
(saying) it’s Grammy season.
But in doing the show, how
important is it to entertain the
people in the crowd?
To me it has to be better than
the TV show. From the first day I
started, and I guess I’m
antiquated, if the show is good in
the house the viewer experiences
that. I don’t care what the size of
your screen is or whatever point-
one your surround system is or if
you have 3D. If Mick Jagger lights
up that audience, that goes into
peoples’ homes. That’s the joy of
creating this and adding the layer
of TV.
One cool element last year
was the black and white Bruno
Mars performance. Anything
like that this year?
There are four numbers this year
that will probably affect the live
audience that are done with the
TV audience in mind. Paul
McCartney’s singing his new song
‘My Valentine’ that he wrote for
his new wife. It’s exquisite. You
hear ‘Yesterday’ in it vocally –
that’s what the song is. I thought
single camera will make this
better. I want to shoot from a
perspective that harkens back to
a classic look, when there were
only three networks and when
color TV was new. Number one,
it fits the song and two it adds
impact to the song. It’s a chance
to do something I can’t do with
Nicki Minaj.

Adele Officially Confirmed forGrammys Performance

After weeks of speculation, it has
finally been announced that
Adele ** will be performing at
the 54th annual Grammy Awards
on Feb. 12, marking her first live
performance since
“I’m immensely proud to have
been asked to perform at this
year’s GRAMMY Awards,” said
Adele in a statement. “It’s an
absolute honor to be included in
such a night, and for it to be my
first performance in months is
very exciting and of course nerve-
racking, but what a way to get
back into it all.”
The Grammys: Adele, Kanye
West Lead Nominations **
The “Rolling In The Deep”
songstress joins previously-
announced performers Jason
Aldean **, Kelly Clarkson **,
Glen Campbell **, The Band
Perry **, Blake Shelton **,
Coldplay **, Rihanna **, Foo
Fighters **, Bruno Mars **, Paul
McCartney **, Nicki Minaj ** and
Taylor Swift **. LL Cool J ** is
Earlier today (Jan. 31), Adele
tweeted [LINK] about her
upcoming performance. “Ima be,
Ima be singing at the Grammys.
It’s been so long I started to
forget I was a singer! I can’t wait,
speak soon xx,” she wrote.
The two-time Grammy winner is
nominated for six awards this
year, including Album Of The
Year, Record Of The Year and
Song Of The Year.
The Grammy Awards take place
at the Staples Center in L.A. and
air on Feb. 12 from 8-11:30 p.m.
(ET/PT) on CBS.