MI Exclusive: 12Things You ShouldKnow About IllegalMusic 2

Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga has had
impressive runs with the
release of his albums ‘ Talk
about it’ ‘MI2’ and mixtape
‘Illegal Music’ in the past. He’ll
be hoping to do the same when
he drops his ‘ Illegal Music 2’
mixtape in a matter of days.
NET got chatting with the
Chocolate City rapper who
broke down the mixtape in
So, right from the horse’s, here
are 12 things you should know
about his upcoming project…
1. It’s better than Illegal
Music the first edition. It has
more musical growth, it has
more interesting samples, and it
has better raps because I
featured a lot of great rappers,
a lot of great singers too.
2. People don’t know that I
produce beats but I produced
about 90 per cent of the mix
tape on my own, and what is
interesting is that on this
project I switched from Sonar
to Logic. (I know this is
probably like boring geek stuff
to most of you guys)
3. Controversial gist here
(Laughs). So I wanted to do a
song with Iceberg Slim on this
project and I thought it would
be cool to do a remix of
‘Deuces’ called ‘Truces‘,
however I saw the Jimmy JATT
freestyle and I wasn’t too
happy about that. So yeah, that
killed that idea.
4. On the song ‘Beg for it‘
featuring Matronomy and Funbi,
I used two different samples.
The shaker on it is from
a Robin Thicke song, and the
sample on the chorus is
a Drake song.
5. I basically recorded the
whole of Illegal Music 2 with
the worst case of Writer’s Block
I have ever been through. It
took me months sometimes to
finish a verse. For all artistes
out there, you gotta learn to
pace yourself because you can
definitely overwork yourself.
6. At the end of Illegal Music 2, I
had to bury my Behringer B2
Mic, which I had used almost
throughout the whole
of MI2 and the Illegal Music 2.
Good bye Mic… I’ll miss you, sort
of. Say hello everyone to the
new mic on the block; My Rode
7. While recording
‘superhuman‘ with HHP, he
spoke of his friend who was
seriously ill. A few weeks after
returning to South Africa, he
tweeted at me to tell me his
friend had passed away. May
his soul rest in peace.
8. Kid Konnect sent me like 20
beats for illegal music, and at
the last moment, we decided to
use all that music for a
different project called ‘ A Kid
Called Abaga‘. Watch out for
that. And shout out to Kid
Konnect.. He is a real brother…
Few of those left!
9. My favourite session of the
lot was probably working with
rap duo Show Dem Camp. We
just had fun, chatted and
laughed all day till the song was
done. In other news, buy their
album. It is truly a hip-hop
10. There will be no ‘Choc Boy’
song. Jesse jags and Ice Prince
were, and are both so busy, it’s
hard for schedules to meet up.
So to make up we are thinking
of doing a whole Choc Boy
11. My fav sixteen (more like
32) bars of the mixtape are by
this guy called Bogey. I don’t
think anyone this year can
have an ‘iller’ intro to a verse.
He goes, ‘I love hiphop to death
I am Romeo in a body bag‘.
Whoa! He also says the line
about eating clowns so they
digesting (die jesting). Watch
out for the guy.
12. I made this as an ode to hip-
hop, with a focus to promote
upcoming rap talent. It is
probably the most selfless I
have been musically. I wanted
everyone to sound their best
on it regardless of how it made
me look. I often tell rappers
‘Come harder.. This is illegal
music 2’. So as you listen, get to
know a lot of the guys..


Meryl Streep onOscar Win- ‘I CouldHear Half ofAmerica Going ‘OhNo, Not Again”

The Iron lady is back!
Last night Hollywood
actress Meryl Streep bagged
her third Oscar award at
the 84th Academy Awards,
her first in 30 years.
Streep who won the ‘Best
Actress’ award for her role
as Margaret Thatcher in 2011
movie ‘The Iron Lady’ came
dressed in a golden gown,
blending in with the theme
colour of the awards.
The last time the US actress
(and occasional singer) won the
award was in 1982 after her
first win in 1979.
Streep edged out Glenn Close,
Viola Davis, Rooney
Mara and Michelle Williams to
win the big prize.
Pundits describe Streep’s win as
a close tie between herself and
African-American Davis who
was hoping to break Halle
Berry’s record as being the only
woman of African American
descent to have won the
award for Best Actress. Davis
played lead role in drama movie
‘ The Help’.
Revered movie director one-
time Oscar winner Martin
Scorsese lost the ‘Best
Director’ award to Michel
Hazanavicius but was
honoured by almost every
winner of the night. Scorsese
was nominated for the
adventure-drama film ‘Hugo’
which bagged five awards, the
highest of the night alongside
‘The Artist’.
Scorsese won the award for
Best Director for the same
movie at the Golden Globe
Awards in January this year
and was a recipient of the
BAFTA Academy Fellowship
Award in February
The emotional moment though
most have been when African-
American Octavia Spencer won
the award for ‘Best Supporting
Actress’ for the drama ‘ The
Help’. Co-star
It was also a night for another
veteran Canadian theatre, film
and television actor Christopher
Plummer who walked away
with the ‘Best Supporting
Actor’ award for his role in the
2010 romantic comedy-drama
film ‘ Beginners’. It was the 82
year old’s first Oscar win.
The biggest OMG moment of
the night had to be
when Sacha Baron
Cohen came dressed as
‘General Aladeen’ from his
upcoming film ‘ The Dictator’
managing to upstage
Hollywood’s most beautiful
stars on the Oscar red carpet!
Full winners list below…
Best Cinematography: Robert
Richardson, ‘Hugo’
Best Art Direction: Dante
Ferretti and Francesca Lo
Schavo, ‘Hugo’
Best Costume Design: Mark
Bridges, ‘The Artist’
Best Makeup: Mark Coulier and
J. Roy Helland, ‘The Iron Lady’
Best Foreign Language Film:
‘A Separation’
Best Supporting Actress:
Octavia Spencer, ‘The Help’
Best Editing: Kirk Baxter and
Angus Wall, ‘The Girl With the
Dragon Tattoo’
Best Sound Editing: Phillip
Stockton and Eugene Gearty,
Best Sound Mixing: Tom
Fleischman and John Midgley,
Best Documentary:
Best Animated Feature:
Best Visual Effects: ‘Hugo’
Best Supporting Actor:
Christopher Plummer,
Best Original Score: Ludovic
Bource, ‘The Artist’
Best Original Song: Bret
McKenzie, ‘Man or Muppet’
Best Adapted Screenplay:
Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon
and Jim Rash, ‘The Descendants’
Best Original Screenplay:
Woody Allen, ‘Midnight in Paris’
Best Live Action Short: ‘The
Best Documentary Short:
‘Saving Face’
Best Animated Short: ‘The
Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr.
Morris Lessmore’
Best Director: Michel
Hazanavicius, ‘The Artist’
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, ‘The
Best Actress: Meryl Streep,
‘The Iron Lady’
Best Picture: ‘The Artist’

Twitter HackerTargets Flavour,D’Banj, Don Jazzy,Wizkid, Others

If last night’s threats are
anything to go by, then
celebrities using social
networks like Twitter need to
be very worried. Big names like
D’banj, Banky W, Flavour, Wizkid
and Don Jazzy came under
attack yesterday, as hackers
threatened to ‘expose you all’.
As if to show their seriousness,
the hacker(s) took over
Flavour’s official handle @
flavournabania for several
minutes, embarking on a
tweeting spree and totally
compromising the act’s account
What was the first thing
Flavour’s attackers did? They
immediately replaced his image
a with random nude picture
and changed his user name to
‘Hacked’. The handle @
flavournabania was however
not tampered with.
‘#Hacked #Hacked #Hacked’, the
tweets read. ‘We’ve had access
to this account for a while.
We’ve had access to so many
other celeb Twitter and
Facebook accounts’, more
tweets read.
The hackers say over 30 celebs
accounts (Twitter and
Facebook) have been hacked
and that they will ‘expose’
them all.
‘oh @iamDbanj’s account was
the easiest to get into. Dumb
password. @Don Jazzyis next,
@2faceidibia also…Banky W
then @wizkidayo Must be
hacked!!!! We’ll expose you all.’.
Flavour’s account has since
been suspended; and Don Jazzy,
an ardent Tweeter with over
200,000 followers became
immediately concerned. ‘Kai if
them hack my haccount hi go
cry o. I dey beg o. i don delete
halllllll my DM sha dey wait’, he

Celine Dion Cancels Shows,Needs Vocal Rest

Sure, Celine Dion **’s heart will
go on, but as of now, her voice
cannot. The pop singer has
announced the cancellation of 10
shows at The Colosseum at
Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
through March 18, due to
weakness in her right vocal
According to a press release, Dion
experienced difficulty while
performing at her Vegas last
week, and headed to Los Angeles
for an examination at the UCLA
Medical Center. A doctor advised
the singer to rest her voice for
six to eight weeks, and Dion is
“I tried to sing at my sound-
check last week, and I had no
control of my voice
whatsoever,” says Dion, who
began her three-year residency
at Caesars last March. “We
thought that after a few days
rest I would improve but it
wasn’t getting any better…I
guess it was worse than I
Dion will return to The Colosseum
for a planned run from June 9 to
Aug. 19. Tickets for the cancelled
performances will be refunded.

‘The Voice’: Christina AguileraSings Impromptu Duet;Contestants Show Their Blues

Memphis-based guitarist and
singer Preston Shannon made
good case for the blues on the
final blind edition episode of
“The Voice” Monday (Feb. 27).
While the 64-year-old blues
veteran with five solo albums
under his belt did not get any
judges to turn their chairs
around, he got more primetime
exposure than at any moment in
his career.
Shannon knocked around various
Memphis bands until he landed in
Shirley Brown’s group before he
wound up leading his own
outfit; in 1996, his Rounder
Records release “Midnight in
Memphis” put him on the blues
map. While his performance did
not win him a spot on any of the
four coaches’ teams, it may well
have helped earn him a few fans
who bothered to Google him
after the show ended. He
certainly received some well-
earned praise from the judging
Not coincidentally, the final
round in which each of the
judges — Christina Aguilera **,
Adam Levine **, CEE LO GREEN
and Blake Shelton ** — sets their
teams of 12, the final additions
relied on traditional vocal forms
such as the blues to make the
cut. Whitney Myer, who leads a
funk band out of Reno that
includes her father and uncle,
gave a bluesy, Dave Matthews
**-inspired spin on Alicia Key
**’s “No One” that got all four
judges to hit their red buttons.
She went with Levine, who
compared her to Mary J. Blige.
Likewise, Orlando Napier has a
family blues band and hopes to
bring his saxophonist father
onto the show. His soulful
version of John Mayer **’s
“Waiting for the World to
Change” also landed him on
Levine’s team last night.
Sera Hill, a front desk clerk at a
hotel, drew out the blues roots
of Mary J. Blige **’s “I’m Goin’
Down” and even got her new
judge, Aguilera, to join her for a
bit of give and take on the
chorus. In that short burst of
vocal activity Aguilera
demonstrated her ability to oust
any competitor on “The Voice,”
but it also displayed her
willingness to approach her
charges as peers. The potential
for tight intermingling gives
“The Voice” a leg up on its
Otherwise, the final edition of
the auditions felt predictable —
the contestants who appeared
full of themselves or in need of a
change to escape the riches of
the family business were sent
packing. The Oklahoma sorority
gal, Adley Stomp, who has been
singing country music for less
than a year, wound up on
Shelton’s team. Meanwhile, a
mediocre performance of
Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy”
wound up scoring deep-voiced
contestant Cheesa a last-minute
spot on Cee Lo’s team of a dozen
Proof that the conceit of blind
auditions works came when the
two portly Shields brothers from
rural Virginia belted out Gen X’s
“Dancing With Myself” and won
the a red button push from
Green. If he had seen them, it
would have likely been a no, but
the promise of a duo belting out
honest rock’n’roll was too good
of a dream to pass up. Perhaps
Aguilera felt the same when she
gave a nod to Lee Koch, a baker
out of Temecula, Calf., who
delivered an off-balance
rendition of “Like a Rolling
Stone.” She said she liked his
harmonica solo, but when you
see whiny singing a Bob Dylan **
song, you know you’re in
trouble; odds are he is among
the first to go in the next round.
Now, if Preston Shannon is
playing some Dylan, that would
be interesting to hear.

Owl City ’80, 85 Percent’ Donewith New Album

Young says he’s shooting for a
“smack dab in the middle of
summer, late June or early July”
release for the new album, with
a first single in mid-May. Until
then, fans can check out the new
DVD/Blu-Ray “Owl City — Live
From Los Angeles,” which was
filmed at Club Nokia and also
includes backstage footage and
interviews. Young is particularly
pleased that the video captures
the expanded live band he put
together for the tour.
“(The video) actually was kind of
a spur of the moment thing,”
Young notes. “My manager said
to me that the live show had
come so far from where I
initially began, which of course
was just me and a laptop — the
most boring show in the world!
(laughs) It came into it’s own
and became a cinematic sort of
experience. So he said, ‘Why
don’t we get a film crew
and…capture it. It would be kind
of a shame to have this great
(show) put together and not
have anything to remember it by
after the tour was over.’ So we
did it, and it really worked out
great. I’m really glad we have
(the show) preserved).”