chris brown tells critics to f***k off on twitter

While it has not come from her
directly, sources say Chris
Brown’s mother, Joyce, is highly
upset with him for telling
Grammy critics “F*** Off” earlier
this week.
Allegedly claiming “Chris is his
own worst enemy,” sources say
his mother wants him to grow
“It’s time for Chris to grow up,
and his mother told him that.
Chris is his own worst enemy at
times and she constantly worries
about how he is going to react
to stressful situations,” an insider
told Radar Online Friday.
As previously reported, a
number of viewers and recording
artists like Country singer
Miranda Lambert, were not
enthused with him performing
and receiving an award at
Sunday’s Grammys. According to
them, it was not right to allow
him time to perform not once
but, twice.
“I don’t get it. He beat on a girl,”
said Lambert. “Not cool that we
act like that didn’t happen.”
Responding, Chris fired off tweet
after tweet Tuesday and
Wednesday, at one point asking
“how long is this going to take?”
when Wendy Williams asked her
viewers (via Twitter) if he was
deserving of his Best R&B Album
While Chris Brown is very
talented, you might have to
agree with his mother on this
one (if she really said this). He
does have a habit of going off,
more than necessary, on Twitter.
Just like he avoided the red
carpet, with reason, Sunday, he
should avoid Twitter if he can’t
control himself. It’s not like
people aren’t waiting for him to
mess up again. What received
more attention this week? His
performance and fact that he
won or what was tweeted?


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