Janet Jackson Flirts With Joining’X Factor’

Just one week after The
Hollywood Reporter broke news
that Whitney Houston was under
consideration for a judge’s seat
on the show, reports have
surfaced that another pop icon is
throwing her hat in the ring.
After an awkward interaction with
Anderson Cooper on Thursday,
in which Jackson tiptoed around
the subject, sources tell THR the
singer has expressed interest in
joining the show. 
€Â¨”Oh my God,” the 45-year-
old said on-air with a laugh. “No,
I’m not a judge on The X Factor.”
“You’re not currently a judge on
The X Factor,” responded

”No, I
am not,” said Jackson. “But that’s
all I really think I should say.”
Any talks are currently in the
preliminary stages, as Simon
Cowell holds meetings this week
with potential candidates to fill
the shoes of ousted judges Paula
Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger
and host Steve Jones.
Another source tells THR that
pop bad girl Pink is high on
Cowell’s wish list. The singer,
whose real name is Alicia Moore,
has credibility, Grammy awards
and sass, plus “she can take on
Simon.” Cowell also has
acknowledged an interest in “I
Kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry,
telling Extra, “I worked with Katy
once. I think she would be fun
because she is hard – in a good
way – and she’s feisty.”
“She would be great,” he
continued. “In terms of
experience, success … brilliant.”


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