Beyonce Stars in House ofDereon Spring/Summer 2012Campaign

Clearly Beyonce ** wasn’t
kidding when she famously sang
that she “was repping for the
girls who taking over the world.”
In addition to caring for her
beautiful new baby girl, Blue Ivy,
and amid reports that she’s
already started working on two
new musical projects, the
consummate diva also managed
to find time to work on the
campaign for the House of
Dereon Spring/Summer 2012
House of Dereon, Beyonce’s joint
clothing line with mom Tina
Knowles, is inspired by family
and their shared love of fashion
and style. Photographer Tony
Duncan snapped a gorgeous
photo of Beyonce, fresh makeup
and tousled locks perfectly in
place, in a green, studded bustier
from the collection, complete
with large wooden bangles.
House of Dereon fans can expect
a variety of options from the
latest collection, which includes
everything from short, daring
dresses to fun and flirty skirts.
From what we’ve seen, it’s a
combination of subtle sass and
sexiness that’s perfect for
outdoor concerts or backyard
You can see all of the details
looks in the House of Dereon
Spring/Summer 2012 video
lookbook, which features
stunning models gliding through
the streets as queen Bey’s
“Schoolin’ Life” plays in the
background. Watch below.


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