Cody Simpson on Workingwith Justin Bieber: ‘The FansAre Very Excited’

Cody Simpson ** says that there
are “only a certain few (people) I
like to work with” in the studio
as he continues to put together
his debut album. But one of
those is Justin Bieber **, a match
that certainly seems made in pop
“We have a bunch of ideas
floating around at the moment,”
Simpson, who’s currently on the
road on his Welcome To Paradise
Tour, tells “He just
hit me up one time — ‘OK, come
into the studio tonight.’ I
dropped by and it was artist to
artist…and you play some of the
stuff you’ve been working on
and Justin played me a lot of the
stuff on his upcoming album. It
has to be the right song, and
whether or not we sing on it
together or whether I write a
song for his album or he writes a
song for mine, I don’t know. But
we’ve been working together,
and the fans are very excited.”
In Simpson’s case, most are just
as excited by the prospect of
finally getting a full-length album
after the Australian-born singer’s
two EPs and hits such as “iYiYi,”
“All Day” and “On My Mind.” And
he’s feeling much the same way.
“The last two years of hard
work, it’s all really been leading
up to this album, and I am
excited to get it out,” Simpson
acknowledges. “But at the same
time I want to take my time and
really perfect it before it comes
out. I’m a big perfectionist, and I
like to make sure everything 120
percent, from the production to
the vocal performance to the
lyrics, the melody and
everything. There’s a lot of
different things to think about. I
just want to take my time and
make sure everything’s perfect
in my eyes before i really put it
out and show the world what
we have coming for them.”
Simpson has been recording in
Los Angeles, where he now
makes his home, and also
working with Ryan Tedder, Dr.
Luke and Nasri Tony Atweh, who
was also part of last year’s
“Coast to Coast.” Simpson says
the set is “coming along
amazing,” while the sound is “a
little more mature than what I’ve
released previously. I’m working
a lot with my acoustic guitar,
and we’re using a lot of real
instruments. I’m inspired by Jack
Johnson **, Jason Mraz **-style
music as well a lot of Justin
Timberlake **, Chris Brown **
music. So we’re going to find a
great mix there and see where it
Simpson plans to return to the
studio in early March, hopefully
for one final run before he’s
ready to call it a wrap. “If you
want to ask me for a date for
the album, it’s a very difficult
question for me,” he says. “We’re
still working on it. But my best
guess is May or June sometime.”
He is, however, giving live
audiences a test of the album by
performing its planned first
single, “Listen,” which Simpson
hopes to release next month,
featuring a guest rap by T-Pain.
“It should be a dope track,”
Simpson reports. It originally
started as a guitar idea, and we
decided we wanted to produce
the whole thing up. It’s got a lot
of dubstep elements to it. I
wanted to do something a lot of
people would be surprised with
me putting out. I love being
unpredictable and unexpected.
I’m excited for it to come
out…and then the rest of the
new (songs), too.”
Simpson’s tour wraps up on
Sunday (Feb. 26) at the Walt
Disney World House of Blues in


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