Whitney Houston’s YouTube& Vevo Plays Gain 4,523%

The late Whitney Houston **’s
videos are in high-demand on
both YouTube and Vevo as her
play count increased by 4,523%
last week according to Next Big
Sound. She went from 868,000
plays to 40.2 million in the week
ending Feb. 20.
In turn, the diva — who died on
Feb. 12 — moves from No. 12 to
No. 2 on Billboard’s Social 50
chart. The tally ranks the most
popular artists on YouTube,
Vevo, Facebook, Twitter,
MySpace and iLike, using a
formula that blends weekly
additions of friends/fans/
followers along with weekly
artist page views and weekly
song plays.
Elsewhere on the list, many acts
that were featured on the Feb.
12 Grammy Awards see a boost,
as Katy Perry (13-9), Lady Gaga
(15-13), Lil Wayne (22-14), Bruno
Mars (24-15) and Taylor Swift
(23-16) all make gains. Re-
entering this week are Grammy
performers Coldplay (No. 33) and
Deadmau5 (No. 40).
Holding court at No. 1 again this
week is Adele, who saw a 116%
jump in Vevo/YouTube plays and
a 62% leap in Facebook fans. As
for the rest of the top 10, Nicki
Minaj moves 2-3, Rihanna slips
3-4 and Michael Jackson climbs
8-5. Justin Bieber falls 4-6, David
Guetta stays put at No. 7 and
Shakira descends 6-8. Rounding
out the top 10 is Chris Brown,
who moves down a slot to No.
The biggest positional fall on the
list belongs to Madonna, who
runs from No. 5 to No. 31. She
was down 23% in Facebook fans
and had a steep 80% drop in
YouTube views to her official
channel. None of this should be
too surprising, as her positioning
on the tally in the past two
weeks came as a result from
hype surrounding her Feb. 12
Super Bowl halftime show
performance. With the Super
Bowl firmly in the rear view
mirror, there isn’t enough social
buzz to keep the diva in the top


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