MI Exclusive: 12Things You ShouldKnow About IllegalMusic 2

Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga has had
impressive runs with the
release of his albums ‘ Talk
about it’ ‘MI2’ and mixtape
‘Illegal Music’ in the past. He’ll
be hoping to do the same when
he drops his ‘ Illegal Music 2’
mixtape in a matter of days.
NET got chatting with the
Chocolate City rapper who
broke down the mixtape in
So, right from the horse’s, here
are 12 things you should know
about his upcoming project…
1. It’s better than Illegal
Music the first edition. It has
more musical growth, it has
more interesting samples, and it
has better raps because I
featured a lot of great rappers,
a lot of great singers too.
2. People don’t know that I
produce beats but I produced
about 90 per cent of the mix
tape on my own, and what is
interesting is that on this
project I switched from Sonar
to Logic. (I know this is
probably like boring geek stuff
to most of you guys)
3. Controversial gist here
(Laughs). So I wanted to do a
song with Iceberg Slim on this
project and I thought it would
be cool to do a remix of
‘Deuces’ called ‘Truces‘,
however I saw the Jimmy JATT
freestyle and I wasn’t too
happy about that. So yeah, that
killed that idea.
4. On the song ‘Beg for it‘
featuring Matronomy and Funbi,
I used two different samples.
The shaker on it is from
a Robin Thicke song, and the
sample on the chorus is
a Drake song.
5. I basically recorded the
whole of Illegal Music 2 with
the worst case of Writer’s Block
I have ever been through. It
took me months sometimes to
finish a verse. For all artistes
out there, you gotta learn to
pace yourself because you can
definitely overwork yourself.
6. At the end of Illegal Music 2, I
had to bury my Behringer B2
Mic, which I had used almost
throughout the whole
of MI2 and the Illegal Music 2.
Good bye Mic… I’ll miss you, sort
of. Say hello everyone to the
new mic on the block; My Rode
7. While recording
‘superhuman‘ with HHP, he
spoke of his friend who was
seriously ill. A few weeks after
returning to South Africa, he
tweeted at me to tell me his
friend had passed away. May
his soul rest in peace.
8. Kid Konnect sent me like 20
beats for illegal music, and at
the last moment, we decided to
use all that music for a
different project called ‘ A Kid
Called Abaga‘. Watch out for
that. And shout out to Kid
Konnect.. He is a real brother…
Few of those left!
9. My favourite session of the
lot was probably working with
rap duo Show Dem Camp. We
just had fun, chatted and
laughed all day till the song was
done. In other news, buy their
album. It is truly a hip-hop
10. There will be no ‘Choc Boy’
song. Jesse jags and Ice Prince
were, and are both so busy, it’s
hard for schedules to meet up.
So to make up we are thinking
of doing a whole Choc Boy
11. My fav sixteen (more like
32) bars of the mixtape are by
this guy called Bogey. I don’t
think anyone this year can
have an ‘iller’ intro to a verse.
He goes, ‘I love hiphop to death
I am Romeo in a body bag‘.
Whoa! He also says the line
about eating clowns so they
digesting (die jesting). Watch
out for the guy.
12. I made this as an ode to hip-
hop, with a focus to promote
upcoming rap talent. It is
probably the most selfless I
have been musically. I wanted
everyone to sound their best
on it regardless of how it made
me look. I often tell rappers
‘Come harder.. This is illegal
music 2’. So as you listen, get to
know a lot of the guys..


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