Owl City ’80, 85 Percent’ Donewith New Album

Young says he’s shooting for a
“smack dab in the middle of
summer, late June or early July”
release for the new album, with
a first single in mid-May. Until
then, fans can check out the new
DVD/Blu-Ray “Owl City — Live
From Los Angeles,” which was
filmed at Club Nokia and also
includes backstage footage and
interviews. Young is particularly
pleased that the video captures
the expanded live band he put
together for the tour.
“(The video) actually was kind of
a spur of the moment thing,”
Young notes. “My manager said
to me that the live show had
come so far from where I
initially began, which of course
was just me and a laptop — the
most boring show in the world!
(laughs) It came into it’s own
and became a cinematic sort of
experience. So he said, ‘Why
don’t we get a film crew
and…capture it. It would be kind
of a shame to have this great
(show) put together and not
have anything to remember it by
after the tour was over.’ So we
did it, and it really worked out
great. I’m really glad we have
(the show) preserved).”


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