Twitter HackerTargets Flavour,D’Banj, Don Jazzy,Wizkid, Others

If last night’s threats are
anything to go by, then
celebrities using social
networks like Twitter need to
be very worried. Big names like
D’banj, Banky W, Flavour, Wizkid
and Don Jazzy came under
attack yesterday, as hackers
threatened to ‘expose you all’.
As if to show their seriousness,
the hacker(s) took over
Flavour’s official handle @
flavournabania for several
minutes, embarking on a
tweeting spree and totally
compromising the act’s account
What was the first thing
Flavour’s attackers did? They
immediately replaced his image
a with random nude picture
and changed his user name to
‘Hacked’. The handle @
flavournabania was however
not tampered with.
‘#Hacked #Hacked #Hacked’, the
tweets read. ‘We’ve had access
to this account for a while.
We’ve had access to so many
other celeb Twitter and
Facebook accounts’, more
tweets read.
The hackers say over 30 celebs
accounts (Twitter and
Facebook) have been hacked
and that they will ‘expose’
them all.
‘oh @iamDbanj’s account was
the easiest to get into. Dumb
password. @Don Jazzyis next,
@2faceidibia also…Banky W
then @wizkidayo Must be
hacked!!!! We’ll expose you all.’.
Flavour’s account has since
been suspended; and Don Jazzy,
an ardent Tweeter with over
200,000 followers became
immediately concerned. ‘Kai if
them hack my haccount hi go
cry o. I dey beg o. i don delete
halllllll my DM sha dey wait’, he


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