After audit, some Foxconn workers bristle at fewer hours


Though Foxconn has agreed to bring its working and overtime hours policies into line with Chinese law after an audit by the Fair Labor Association, not all workers at the electronics manufacturing giant are cheering the news. Some employees say Foxconn’s pledge to reduce hours will reduce their pay, and they’re not happy about it.

Here’s what one Foxconn employee told Reuters:

“We are here to work and not to play, so our income is very important,” said Chen Yamei, 25, a Foxconn worker from Hunan who said she had worked at the factory for four years.

“We have just been told that we can only work a maximum of 36 hours a month of overtime. I tell you, a lot of us are unhappy with this. We think that 60 hours of overtime a month would be reasonable and that 36 hours would be too little,” she…

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Tech Bytes For The Blind/Visually Impared

Through A Looking Glass

WOW! Technology has come a very, very long way, indeed!

Read the article (link below). And also watch the video of the man driving the vehicle. (within said article).


What do you think about this impending possibility?

I say it is a WONDERFUL tool to give to the visually impaired. More independence. More freedom. More “normalcy” like their sighted counterparts.

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Tumblr grows rapidly, moves to larger Richmond office

EDITOR’S NOTE: This semester has partnered with VCU’s School of Mass Communications “iPadJournos” mobile and social media journalism project.  Those VCU students reported the following story.

By Annie Cocke and Katelyn Tatti (Special to

RICHMOND, Va. – The popular blogging platform Tumblr is not only expanding at rapid speed globally, but also right here in Richmond. The Tumblr support service team that handles requests from users worldwide just had to move to a bigger office in the Corrugated Box Building in the Old Manchester District.

“I think that the new office is a symbol for the growth of both Tumblr and the Richmond technological community. We’re looking forward to using the new office not only as a place where we can work, but as a place to engage with the Richmond community,” said Renee Perron, the community manager at the Richmond office. “Our New York office regularly hosts gatherings, featuring Tumblr users from the city, and we’d love to do…

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What will 2012 bring?

Rebuilding Olympic

Next year, it will be hundred years ago that the mighty and legendary Titanic vanished for ever in the ocean on a depth of two miles.

Replica Olympic in 2012
Many channels on television are planning to broadcast live the wreck of Titanic. They will also tell the story and secrets about the ship, on some channels. Will Olympic’s story also be told? Or the Olympic III story?

Latest news
At the moment, there hasn’t been any news about Olympic III. But I can recommend something: Tell your friends about Olympic III, let them sign the petition it’s free to sign.

There is also one thing I would like to tell. Rebuilding the Olympic shows how much respect we have for the workers who built the previous lovely liner Olympic.

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