D’banj – ‘WhyKanye West LikesMe’

Are you going to be doing
something really different
on the new album?
I really don’t know. I’m
exploring. I’m going to be doing
rock now. I’m doing a rock
song! Don’t you believe I can
Tell me about Kokomobile.
You have a branded cell
phone on the market in
Yes, I do. Well, my brand is
called ‘Koko’. It comes from the
song on my first album. And
people say, ‘Well, what is the
koko?’ The Koko is whatever
you do to derive pleasure. It is
the bone of contention. So,
people started calling me the
Koko Master. Today, no one
knows its specific definition.
But now I have the Koko
Lounge, my club in Lagos,
Nigeria. And I have Koko Garri,
my breakfast cereal.
What will it take to bring
Nigerian music to a
mainstream audience in the
I think it’s already happening.
It’s happened. I walked around;
I saw the pictures of the people
that have performed here [at
Irving Plaza], The Beastie
Boys, The Red Hot Chili
Peppers , on the same stage. So,
it’s already started.
The thing I love about
Americans is they’re open to
good music. If it sounds good
to them and it looks good,
they’ll buy it.
If you could collaborate
with anyone, who would it
I like Rihanna.


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