Rihanna & Chris Brown GainTwitter, Facebook Fans AfterRelease of Remixes

It is no surprise that both
Rihanna ** and Chris Brown **
both made moves on Billboard’s
Social 50 chart this week after
releasing two new
collaborations, with Chris Brown
being featured on a remix of
Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and
Rihanna appearing on a remix of
Brown’s “Turn Up The Music.”
Rihanna rises 4-3 on the tally,
while Brown flies 10-5.
The Social 50 chart ranks the
most popular artists on YouTube,
Vevo, Facebook, Twitter,
MySpace and iLike, using a
formula that blends weekly
additions of friends/fans/
followers along with weekly
artist page views and weekly
song plays.
After rumors surrounding the
two artists had been furiously
circulating over the past few
weeks, on Feb. 20 the public saw
its first evidence of contact
between Chris Brown and
Rihanna as Brown tweeted
which the singer, born Robyn
Fenty replied, “Thanks!”
The most-viewed “Birthday Cake”
remix on YouTube has garnered
over 4 million views and elicited
over 11,000 comments. All of the
buzz generated a week-over-
week gain of 427,000 Twitter
followers for Rihanna (in the
week ending Feb. 27) and a gain
of 483,000 Facebook fans.
Overall, she earned a 19%
increase in her overall follower
Chris Brown, meanwhile, snared
a 28% increase in Facebook fans
and a 23% jump in views to his
official YouTube channel as well
as a 23% climb in Twitter
Meanwhile Bow Wow makes his
Social 50 debut at No. 33 after
receiving nearly 1,476,000 Vevo
views this past week. Bow
Wow’s video for “Sweat”
featuring Lil Wayne has received
nearly 1,650,000 views. The
track is from his upcoming album
“Underrated” (out March 13) —
his first release for Cash Money
after signing with the label in
2009. A tour is scheduled to
launch later this year.
Other notable chart movements
include Whitney Houston’s drop
from No. 2 to No. 12 after
experiencing a 70% decline in
YouTube video views and a 40%
decline in Facebook fan
acquisition over this past week.
A drop on the tally was
expected, following the surge of
social activity following her
passing on Feb. 11.
As for the rest of the top 10 this
week, Adele holds at No. 1 while
birthday boy Justin Bieber climbs
6-2. The latter artist turned 18 on
March 1. Nicki Minaj falls a slot to
No. 4, Michael Jackson is also
down a rung to No. 6 and David
Guetta is stationary at No. 7.
LMFAO shuffles 13-8, Katy Perry
is steady at No. 9 and Eminem
rounds out the top 10, up one
position to No. 10.


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