Lil Wayne Impostor Hits’Jimmy Kimmel Live’ AfterWeezy No-Show

Between putting out at least one
album a year, helping steer the
Young Money ship to
mainstream hip-hop dominance
and working on his kickflip, Lil
Wayne ** is an eternally busy
guy — so busy, in fact, that he
didn’t have time to make his
planned appearance on “Jimmy
Kimmel Live” last night. To make
up for the no-show, Kimmel
pulled a random audience
member onstage, gave him a hat
and some dreadlocks, and
implored the gentleman to do his
best Weezy impression.
The highlight of the faux-
interview came when Kimmel
started asking the fake Wayne
about his prison experience: the
impostor (whose real name is
Carl) said that he was arrested
for “speeding,” and that he read
“To Kill a Mockingbird” while he
was locked up. Fake Weezy also
said that he didn’t get Justin
Bieber ** anything for his 18th
birthday “‘cuz he’s rich,” and
incorrectly guessed that his
hometown was New York (note:
trade “York” with “Orleans,” Carl!)
Lil Wayne has not yet explained
his absence or responded to the
bait-and-switch “Kimmel” skit on
Twitter. The rapper may be too
busy counting down the days
until the release of “Ready To
Go,” his collaboration with new
Cash Money signee Limp Bizkit **,
which is expected to hit the Web
next week.


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