Michael Jackson’s Unreleased Catalog Stolen By Hackers

In really sad news, Sony Music has admitted to losing a serious portion of Michael Jackson’s catalog to hackers last year. While it is unclear what songs, including previously unheard collaborations, were downloaded, sources say the total value is around $160 million!

According to the Daily Mail (UK), two men appeared in a UK court last week, charged with offenses under the computer Misuse Act. Experts had traced the hacking back to them by examining what is being called a digital “fingerprint.”

As widely reported, Sony purchased the rights to Jackson’s catalog last year with plans to release music over time. Sources say there were duets with the late Freddie Mercury and songwriter/producer Will.i.Am (Black Eyed Peas).

Jackson’s catalog was not the only catalog compromised. Music from pop/alternative artist Avril Lavigne is also said to have been hacked.

Sony claims the hacking and downloading of the files, allegedly over 50k, occurred last year, shortly after the Sony Playstation system was compromised. Because no personal data was compromised sources say the entertainment leader was not required to make the news public.


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