Justin Bieber’s Mom Writing aMemoir

Justin Bieber **’s mom is telling
her story.
Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother
has signed with Revell to write
“Nowhere But Up: The Story of
Justin Bieber’s Mom,” the
publishing company announced
today. He is writing the foreword
to the book for his mom. It will be
released on Sept. 18.
In addition to writing about her
famous offspring, Mallette will
detail her own story of youthful
abuse, trauma, and addiction that
included a suicide attempt at
seventeen. She will also write
about how she turned her life
around when she found herself
single and pregnant with Justin.
Mallette hopes her story will
inspire other women in similar
circumstances. “I want them to
see that no matter how desperate
their circumstances may be, they
can have hope for a better
future,” says Mallette. She plans to
donate a portion of the book’s
proceeds to charity.
“Pattie’s story is a powerful
example of courage and
determination that will inspire
anyone who has faced struggles
in life,” added Jennifer Leep,
editorial director for Revell. “She’s
living proof that even in the
darkest of places, there is always
room for hope.”
Justin Bieber published his first
book, “First Step 2 Forever: My
Story,” in October 2010, and it
went on to sell more than a
million copies in 25 languages.
His second book, “Justin Bieber:
Just Getting Started,” is also
scheduled for publication in
Today Mallette helps manage her
son’s career and supports efforts
to help troubled young women.
A.J. Gregory will serve as Mallette’s
co-writer. She is represented on
the book deal by Fedd &


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