Nick Cannon: Rare Form of Lupus’Attacking My Kidneys’

Funny man Nick Cannon ** is
making some serious changes,
both personally and
professionally, for the sake of his
health. In a candid interview with
ABC’s ” Good Morning America
[LINK],” Cannon revealed the truth
about the health scare that forced
him to resign from his morning
radio show in February.
“The technical term is lupus
nephritis,” he explained. “It’s a
rare form of lupus that’s just
attacking my kidneys. They
thought it was just kidney
disease and then they were trying
to figure out why my immune
system was attacking my kidneys
and that was sort of the root of it
Cannon was initially diagnosed
with kidney failure while on a
family vacation with superstar
wife Mariah Carey [ LINK] and their
twins Moroccan and Monroe. Just
a few short weeks later, he found
himself back in the hospital again.
At that time, doctors discovered
that the “America’s Got Talent”
host had blood clots in his lungs
and an enlarged heart.
Lupus is an autoimmune disease
that can affect any part of the
body, such as joints, kidneys, and
lungs. Because of its vague
symptoms, lupus is often very
difficult for doctors to diagnose.
According to the L upus
Foundation of America [LINK],
roughly one-third of people with
lupus will develop nephritis,
which occurs when lupus causes
inflammation of the kidneys.
The media personality is very
fortunate. “A lot of people have
passed away from that and the
doctor said luckily I was in such
great shape and taking care of
myself because a lot of people
have been taken down by it,”
continued Cannon.
Fully focused on recovery, the
proud papa is making several
lifestyle changes. In addition to
getting more sleep, he is also
required to stay away from junk
food. And while that means no
more McDonald’s, it also means
Nick Cannon will be healthy for a
long time to come.


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