Usher Busts Out a Gun in ‘Climax’ Video

The narrative arc for Usher’s “Climax” music video, which premiered on Vevo on Friday morning (Mar. 9), is a bit perplexing, but this much we know for sure: if the R&B singer catches his woman hanging out with another (faceless) man in her house, he is NOT afraid to whip out a handgun and come charging in.

The sequence is just one of the memorable moments in director Sam Pilling’s elliptical clip, which, like the steamy jam it’s based upon, finds Usher in a tug-of-war with his rationality and sexual longing. One moment, he’s having some ferocious relations on a table; the next, he’s sitting in a parked car, reflecting on what could have been. At the end of the clip, his car pulls away from his lady’s house, symbolizing that the couple is, indeed, “undone.”

Track Review: Usher, ‘Climax’

Produced by Diplo, “Climax” previews Usher’s forthcoming studio album, set for a spring release. The track leaps into the Top 20 of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart this week, jumping 10 spots to No. 18 and earning Greatest Gainer/Airplay honors.


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