AllenIverson –On theRight Sideof aFinancial Ruling

Allen Iverson’s highly-
publicized money troubles
might be taking a turn for the
better for a change — because
a judge has ruled the former
NBA star is still entitled to a $4
million judgment … if he can
get his hands on it. Iverson
won a lawsuit back in 2010
against Martin Sepulveda over
a house Iverson purchased in
Georgia that had major
construction defects … so
much so that Allen and his
then-wife were forced to
move out. A.I. scored a $4
million judgment, but later in
2010 … Sepulveda filed for
bankruptcy, putting Iverson’s
big pay day in jeopardy. But a
federal court judge ruled last
month in Iverson’s favor,
saying the debt could not be
discharged and Iverson was
still owed the giant chunk of
change. Iverson could use the
money — as TMZ first
reported, a judge in Georgia
ordered Iverson’s wages be
garnished to pay back a $
859,896.46 debt.


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