KrisHumphries– KimKardashian Kept All OurMoney

Sources close to Kris
Humphries say he has no beef
with the story we posted
yesterday — that he made a
bundle off of his wedding to
Kim Kardashian — but
according to Kris’ camp … the
bballer hasn’t seen a penny
and Kim has it all.We’re told
before they were hitched …
Kim and Kris opened a joint
account in which they
deposited all the money they
made from the wedding and
other ventures. Our sources
say Kris did indeed get money
for selling wedding photos
and appearing on the
Kardashian reality show … but
they say all that money went
into the joint account and Kris
never got any of it.Here’s
what’s perplexing. Since it
was a joint account, Kris
would have as much access
to the money as Kim, but
sources connected to Kris say
he’s never attempt to
withdraw any of it.As we
reported yesterday … Kris
wants millions from Kim as
part of the divorce settlement,
even though they were
together in marriage for only
72 days. Sources close to Kris
tell us … he doesn’t even care
about the money — all he
wants is an annulment.
Problem for Kris is …. in order
to get an annulment, he has
to prove the marriage was
fraudulent, and that’s going
to be tough.Kris’ lawyer had
no comment.


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