KrisHumphriesDemands $7 MillionFrom KimKardashian

Kris Humphries is secretly
demanding $7 MILLION from
Kim Kardashian to walk away
from their marriage … TMZ
has learned.Sources directly
connected to Kris tell TMZ …
the bballer — through his
Minnesota lawyer — has given
Kim an ultimatum … either pay
up, or endure an ugly, public
trial. Our sources say Kris and
his lawyer have been told to
pound sand, and with good
reason.For starters, even if
there wasn’t a prenup, the
marriage lasted a grand total
of 72 days, so the community
property wouldn’t be in the
universe of $7 mil.Second,
there was an iron-clad
prenup, which provided that
Kim owes Kris zilch.Third, Kris
actually MADE MONEY from the
marriage. Sources tell us …
Kris raked in around $1 mil
from the wedding and the TV
special that showcased the
nuptials. And Kris made off
like a bandit because Kim
ended up using a portion of
what she got to pay for the
ring.In addition, we’re told
Kris made somewhere
between $250,000 and $
300,000 from the Kardashian
reality show.Looks like the
Bank of Kardashian is
officially closed.


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