Lindsay Lohan — MarilynMonroe Sketch Axed by’Saturday Night Live’

Lindsay Lohan was all set to
continue her obsession with
Marilyn Monroe during last
week’s “Saturday Night Live”
— but a sketch featuring her
and Jon Hamm was scrapped
at the last minute … TMZ has
learned. According to our
sources, the sketch was to
feature Lindsay as Marilyn and
Hamm as JFK appearing to
Rick Santorum (played by
Andy Samberg) while he is at
conservative event (see photo
above). During the sketch,
Marilyn and JFK explain
Marilyn was on birth control
provided to her by Medicare,
which causes Santorum to
vomit uncontrollably.
Santorum (the real one)
recently said that JFK’s speech
from 1960 about keeping
religion out of politics “makes
[him] want to throw up.”In
the end, we’re told the sketch
made it all the way to
rehearsals, and was even
performed in front of a live
audience, but was ultimately
cut because of time
constraints.Lindsay has
channeled Marilyn several
times over the years,
including her most recent
Playboy cover.


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