Ask Billboard: Where DoesAdele’s Billboard 200, Hot 100Domination Rank Historically?

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Hi Gary,
As an avid chart watcher, I am
thrilled that among the many
impressive feats of Adele **’s
“21” is that it has dominated the
Billboard 200 and three of its
singles have topped the Billboard
Hot 100.
The album, with 23 weeks atop
the Billboard 200 so far, has also
generated three hits that have
helmed the Hot 100 for a
combined 14 weeks. Therefore,
the disc and its singles have
combined to lead Billboard’s two
most signature charts for a
cumulative total of 37 weeks!
There are only nine albums that I
could find that have topped both
charts for a combined total of
more than 30 weeks. (There are
soundtracks with greater runs
atop the Billboard 200 – i.e., “West
Side Story” (54 weeks) – but failed
to generate a Hot 100 leader):
47 total weeks
Billboard 200: 37
Hot 100: 10, “Billie Jean” (seven),
“Beat It” (three)
39 total weeks
BEE GEES, “Saturday Night
Fever” soundtrack
Billboard 200: 24
Hot 100: 15, “How Deep Is Your
Love” (three), “Stayin’ Alive” (four),
“Night Fever” (eight)
37 total weeks (to date)
Adele, “21”
Billboard 200: 23
Hot 100: 14, “Rolling in the
Deep” (seven), “Someone Like
You” (five), “Set Fire to the
Rain” (two)
37 total weeks
Usher **, “Confessions”
Billboard 200: nine
Hot 100: 28, “Yeah!” (12),
“Burn” (eight), “Confessions Pt.
II” (two), “My Boo” (six)
34 total weeks
Bodyguard” soundtrack
Billboard 200: 20
Hot 100: 14, “I Will Always Love
32 total weeks
Mariah Carey **, “Daydream”
Billboard 200: six
Hot 100: 26, “Fantasy” (eight),
“One Sweet Day” (16), “Always Be
My Baby” (two)
32 total weeks
Fleetwood Mac **, “Rumours”
Billboard 200: 31
Hot 100: one, “Dreams”
31 total weeks
PRINCE, “Purple Rain”
Billboard 200: 24
Hot 100: seven, “When Doves
Cry” (five), “Let’s Go Crazy” (two)
30 total weeks
The Black Eyed Peas **, “The
Billboard 200: two
Hot 100: 28, “Boom Boom
Pow” (12), “I Gotta Feeling” (14),
“Imma Be” (two)
Michael Drake
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi Michael,
Yet another great angle that
illustrates the stronghold that
“21” has had on consumers and
radio in its year-plus of release.
This stat further shows that the
set is clearly among the most
dominant in the more than 53
years that the Billboard 200 and
Hot 100 have co-existed.
On the list above, look for “21” to
move out of a tie with Usher’s
“Confessions” this week, as it’s
likely to notch a 24TH WEEK ATOP
THE BILLBOARD 200, fending off
with “Wrecking Ball.”
Just like on the charts, there’s
more Adele in the next e-mail.


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