CharlieSheen –HAMMEREDAfter GunsN’ RosesConcert

Charlie Sheen — a recovering
everything-aholic — hit the
Guns N’ Roses concert HARD
this weekend … REALLY
HARD … at least judging by the
way he slurred through a
Q&A with photogs after the
show. Sheen was leaving the
Palladium in Los Angeles
Friday night … when he fired
off a sloshy torpedo of truth
about the band … hinting
they’d be BETTER with Slash.
We also asked about Sheen’s
favorite GNR song … and
we’re pretty sure he cracked
a heroin joke … telling us, “Mr.
Brownstone … imagine
that?!”FYI — Mr. Brownstone
is a slang term for the drug.
As Sheen pulls away, one pap
says, “I party like Charlie
Sheen” … to which the actor
replies, “And you’re still
alive?!”Yeah, we’re amazed


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