DonaldTrump’sSons IgniteWar OverAnimalButchery

Donald Trump’s two sons
went on a big game hunt in
Africa, and the carnage they
wrought has triggered
outrage by wildlife
enthusiasts. Donald’s sons —
Donald Jr. and Eric — went on
a hunting safari in Zimbabwe
a year ago this month, and
proudly showed off their
trophy kills — including an
elephant, crocodile, kudu,
civet cat and water buck. In
one shot, Donald Jr. is holding
a dead elephant’s tail in one
hand and a knife which
appears to have cut off the
tail in another.A wildlife
enthusiast’s website has just
created a YouTube video of
the slaughter expressing
outrage.As for Donald Trump,
he tells TMZ, “My sons love
hunting. They’re hunters and
they’ve become good at it. I
am not a believer in hunting
and I’m surprised they like
it.”Trump added, “I know that
anything they did was 100%
OK in terms of the hunting


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