JoeJackson –83-Year-Old HitsVegasClub … at 2 PM

83-year-old Joe Jackson
threw on his best track
jacket … and goldest chain …
and hit the club scene in
Vegas this weekend … at 2 IN
Jackson’s father was chillin’ at
Lavo Champagne Brunch at
the Palazzo Hotel … a full-on
nightclub-style party scene …
that serves almond crusted
French toast. Sources at the
club tell TMZ … JJ arrived with
a male friend … and wasn’t
boozing, only drinking water.
But he WAS pimpin’ it …
hangin’ out at a table with a
group of hot chicks. At one
point, he handed his camera
to someone and said, “I want
a picture with the girls.”After
the pic, the girls described JJ
as a “sweet old man.”What
happens in Vegas … is weird


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