Carrie Underwood Stays a ‘GoodGirl’ in New Music Video: Watch

Carrie Underwood ** shows off
many styles but never loses her
sass in her music video for “Good
Girl,” the lead single for her
upcoming fourth studio album
“Blown Away.” The clip premiered
on Tuesday (Mar. 13), one week
after the title and cover art for her
next full-length were revealed.
In the video, the country
songstress struts her stuff in
various outfits, from geek chic to
vintage queen, while showing off
a few dance moves in a
warehouse. The video doesn’t
have a storyline, but that doesn’t
stop Underwood from screaming
dramatically beneath a black veil
while warning her fellow ladies
against harmful males.
The video was shot in L.A. by
director Theresa Wingert, who
also directed Underwood’s
“Cowboy Cassanova,” and helps
preview “Blown Away,” which is
due out May 1. The song powered
to No. 19, up 11 spots from the
previous week, on last week’s Hot
Country Songs chart.


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