ChadOchocincoDropped $8,000 on200-PersonTwitter Feast

With his future on the Patriots
in question, Chad Ochocinco
is trying to do good by
anyone he can — in this case
NYC — dropping nearly $8,000
on a massive fried chicken
dinner last night … for 200
local fans.In case you don’t
follow him on Twitter — the
football stud sent an open
invite to anyone in the New
York area … offering a free
dinner to the first 200 people
to show up at the famous
Sylvia’s soul food restaurant
in Harlem.Needless to say,
hordes of people came — just
check our video for proof —
and sources tell us, Ocho
treated the hungry mob to a
full array of Southern-style
deliciousness … including BBQ
ribs, fried chicken, mac &
cheese, and red velvet
cupcakes.Sources at the
restaurant tell TMZ, Ocho
spent $7,914 on grub
altogether — but they
wouldn’t specify how much
he tipped.Now if only Ocho
could make more than 15
catches a season …


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