Is Rihanna Teasing a PublicReunion with Chris Brown?

Are they going public with their
alleged reconciliation? Sources
say Rihanna is tweeting all types
of messages that could lead up
to a very public return of Chris
Brown and Rihanna – the couple.
“When they see me with you,
wonder what the crowd would
say? When they find us together,
what will all the people say?,”
Rihanna tweeted over the
weekend. If those words sound
familiar they are from the Beres
Hammond song “They Gonna
According to Hollywood Life, they
mean Rihanna could be ready to
reveal the fact that they are back
together once and for all.
It’s no secret, Rihanna has been
writing a lot of questionable
thoughts on Twitter in recent
weeks, following the “Birthday
Cake” remix (featuring Brown).
Notably, she tweeted a picture of
a bag of rice cakes with
sunglasses and earrings,
reportedly meant to represent
Chris Brown’s girlfriend
Karruche. She also told fans “Even
tho I try to tell you that I love you
from the bottom of my heart, you
have no place for me… #
If the reconciliation does happen,
Rihanna has at least one person
in her corner — her father.
Speaking out last week, Mr. Fenty
said he has no problem with
Chris Brown, calling him “a nice
guy !” The being said, he also
called his daughter fat…


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