CissyHoustonon BobbiKristina:’WhatThey’re Doing is Incestuous’

Cissy Houston — Whitney
Houston’s mom — has reacted
fiercely to the video we
posted Wednesday …
showing Bobbi Kristina and
Whitney’s “adopted” son Nick
Gordon in a romantic grip,
and then kissing (below).Cissy
told a close friend, “What
they’re doing is incestuous.”
Cissy feels her granddaughter
has problems and Nick is
taking advantage of her.
Although Whitney never
formally adopted Nick, she
considered him her son and
Bobbi called him her brother.
For his part, Nick called Bobbi
his sister.Cissy is so
concerned that Bobbi has
become impressionable and
therefore an easy target for
Nick, she’s asking the Whitney
Houston Estate to take legal
steps to get him evicted from
Whitney’s home — where
Bobbi Kristina is also living.


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