DonaldTrump –‘Apprentice’ Sponsors NOTBailing Over Hunting Pics

The father is NOT paying for
the actions of his sons … so
says Donald Trump … who
claims all of his “Celebrity
Apprentice” sponsors are
staying committed to the
show after gruesome pics
emerged of his kids killing a
bunch of animals in Africa.
TMZ broke the story … Marcus
Lemonis — CEO of Camping
World and Good Sam — is
furious about the photos of
Don Jr. and Eric Trump posing
with their kills … which
included an elephant, kudu
and waterbuck. Lemonis told
TMZ he vowed not to give
another dime to support
Trump’s show. Here’s the
catch … Good Sam is a major
sponsor of a ‘Celeb
Apprentice’ episode
scheduled to air next month.
But Trump called in to “TMZ
Live” moments ago … and said
despite Lemonis’ outrage …
not one sponsor has pulled
out … including Good Sam.In
fact, Trump says the people at
Good Sam are THRILLED to be
on board … and told him they
are “very much looking
forward” to their episode.
Still, Trump once again stated
he’s NOT a fan of hunting …
but believes his sons were
righteous in giving the meat
from their kills to local


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