Drake Gets Dapper for GQ’s StyleBible

Drake [LINK] may have gotten
“rich off a mixtape,” but the self-
proclaimed underground king’s
mainstream popularity is
undeniable. Several mixtapes, two
platinum studio albums, and a
record-breaking 12 number one
singles on Billboard’s Rap Songs
** chart have solidified his place
as a mega star. It’s no wonder GQ
magazine [ LINK] selected the
Young Money rapper to grace one
of three April covers for their
first-ever style bible issue.
The cover, which features Drake
in a perfectly tapered suit flashing
his bright smile, is enough to
charm anyone. Inside the issue,
the Canadian rapper gives an
intimate glimpse of his life and
career, discussing everything
from his relationship with his
father to the current state of hip-
hop. Much less about street
credibility, “rap now is just being
young and fly and having your
shit together,” Drake told GQ. “The
mood of rap has changed.”
But music isn’t the only thing on
Drake’s mind. “I’m trying to find
the same feelings that I had for
women when I had very little
going on, which is tough,” he
said. While he admits there was a
time when he was “just getting
pu**y,” female fans will be happy
to know that the bachelor is
looking for more than sex. “And
for me as a person, it just doesn’t
work. I just need something else.”


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