Hooked: Beyonce & Blue Ivy’sCoordinating Shoes, Nicki Minaj’sNeon Hair

Beyoncé and Two-month Old
Daughter Exhibit Their Swag In
Beyoncé ** and her daughter,
Blue Ivy Carter, played a game of
cat and mouse with their shoes.
The “Halo” singer took to the
streets of NYC yesterday (March
14) with baby Blue Ivy for a
stylish stroll around the big city.
Bey rocked a pair of Charlotte
Olympia’s leopard print flats
featuring a cat’s face, and six gold
whiskers. These stylish shoes
have already been seen on the
fashionable feet of Alexa Chung,
Katy Perry ** and Sarah Jessica
Parker. Blue, already establishing
herself as a young fashionista,
looked ultra cute in a pair of Little
Marc Jacobs baby slippers, with a
mouse’s face on each.
Nicki New Neon ‘Do
Recently, Nicki Minaj ** has
changed her hair color more
often then Lady Gaga ** switches
costumes. She went deep green
for Paper Magazine and
effervescent pink while rocking a
Marie Antoinette look for Allure
[ LINK]. Minaj revealed her latest
fiery hair color while on location
in Hawaii shooting a music video
for her single “Starships”. The
singer was spotted on a beach in
a hot pink bikini and contrasting
green neon hair. This video is
already proving to be hot in many
ways, as Minaj recently tweeting a
pic of male models in pink
loincloths and bowler hats. Nicki’s
hot pink bikini wont be the only
hot pink item her hair will be
Madonna Gets Mad At Karl
Lagerfeld’s Comments About
Madonna ** got quite upset with
Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s
comments on Adele **’s weight.
In an interview with the British
magazine The Sun, Madge opened
up about the comments saying:
“That’s horrible. That’s ridiculous,
that’s just the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t like
it when anybody says anything
bad about anyone – I don’t like it.
Adele’s a great talent and how
much she weighs has nothing to
do with it.” We completely agree
with you girl!


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