LindsayLohan –I’m No Hit-and-Runner

Lindsay Lohan is calling BS on
a hookah lounge manager,
who claims the actress
injured his knee when she
allegedly grazed him with her
Porsche last night — insisting,
“This is all a complete
lie.”Lindsay took to her
Twitter account moments ago
to blast the allegation —
writing, “Scrape? This is all a
complete lie. I’ve been at
community service. Last night,
I attempted to wish a friend
happy birthday, which I didn’t
even get to do because I was
freaked out by all of the
paparazzi.”Lindsay insists,
“These false accusations are
absurd.”A rep for Lindsay
adds, “At no point was there
ever any indication that her
car hit anyone or anything.
We are confident this matter
will be cleared up in the next
few days.”TMZ broke the
story … multiple eyewitnesses
claim Lindsay struck the
hookah lounge manager on
her way out of The Sayers
Club in Hollywood just after
midnight.Witnesses claim the
manager was NOT injured
after the bump — but the man
has since gone to the
emergency room. We’re told
he plans to press
charges.1:00 PM PT: Lindsay
just left the L.A. County
morgue in the same black
Porsche she was driving last
night — except this time, she
wasn’t taking any chances …
getting into the passenger


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