Lisa Marie Presley ReleasingFirst Album in Five Years

Lisa Marie Presley ** will release a
new album, “Storm and Grace,” on
May 15. It will mark the singer’s
first album in five years and her
Universal Republic/XIX Recordings
debut. It was produced by
Grammy winner T Bone Burnett
** and recorded at The Village
studios in Los Angeles.
Said to reflect her “southern
roots,” ELVIS PRESLEY’S only
daughter, managed by American
Idol creator and XIX founder
Simon Fuller, traveled to England
for inspiration and found it in the
artist-friends Richard Hawley **
(from Pulp **), Ed Harcourt **,
Sacha Skarbek and Fran Healy **
(from Travis **).
“Nothing was planned or
contrived in any way and out of it
came a very organic record that
was always inside of me and that
I am incredibly proud of,” Presley
says in a Thursday
announcement. “It was a dream
come true and such an honor
when T Bone liked the songs and
produced and played on the
Adds Burnett: “I was curious. I
wondered what the daughter of
an American revolutionary music
artist had to say. What I heard
was honest, raw, unaffected and
soulful. I thought her father
would be proud of her. The more
I listened to the songs, the deeper
an artist I found her to be.
Listening beyond the media static,
Lisa Marie Presley is a Southern
American folk music artist of
great value,”
To promote the album, Presley
will also be performing on en
episode of American Idol,
tentatively scheduled for May.
Presley has released two previous
albums, 2003’s “To Whom It May
Concern,” which was certified
gold, and 2005’s “Now What,”
both of which debuted in the Top
10 of The Billboard 200.


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