Listen To Wiz Khalifa’s New’Taylor Allderdice’ Mixtape

Newly engaged Taylor Gang
leader Wiz Khalifa ** released a
blissed-out new mixtape, “Taylor
Allerdice,” on Wednesday
morning (Mar. 14). The 17-track
release is more in line with his
laid-back 2011 debut, “Rolling
Papers,” than his previous
mixtape, the intense “Cabin
The vibe of “Taylor Allerdice”
recalls Curren$y’s more consistent
tapes, with sunny, synth-led
production from I.D. Labs, Cardo
and Jake One, and weed-infused
ruminations on the good life. “I’m
just smoking, living life like in the
movies/That I watch in my
jacuzzi/Roll another doobie/See
what’s newest on Netflix, order
another movie,” he raps on
“Never Been Part II,” which
features a Rick Ross ** verse and
a hook delivered by his bride-to-
be, Amber Rose.
The mixtape serves as a stopgap
between the “Black and Yellow”
rapper’s debut disc and his
upcoming sophomore release,
“O.N.I.F.C.,” due out later this year.
Earlier this month, the 24-year-old
rapper popped the question to
Rose, posting a picture of the ring
and the caption “She Said Yes” on


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