Oprah –BobbiKristinaInterviewWasGREAT … and Here’s BreakupAdvice!

Oprah Winfrey … ACTUALLY
was AWESOME … her Royal O-
ness was leaving Drai’s at The
W Hotel in L.A. … surrounded
by paps … when our guy Kris
took charge and asked about
a controversial topic — her
interview with Whitney
Houston’s daughter. Oprah
came under fire for letting the
Houston family off the hook …
especially when Whitney’s
sister-in-law suggested the
singer was murdered. But O
told us, “I think it went really
well … I think people really
responded and I think the
whole country now got to see
how [Bobbi Kristina] feels and
what shes going
through.”Oprah says she was
SHOCKED people criticized the
interview … but explains why
she won’t let it bother her.
Also … we asked Oprah about
the best way to dump a
significant other … and she
had a GREAT answer. All hail


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