Rihanna –I ReachedOut toChrisBrown …’CauseHe’s HOT

Screw the brutal, face-
smashing beating in 2009 …
Chris Brown is the HOTTEST
R&B artist out right now —
which is why Rihanna says
she reached out to CB to
collaborate on two new
songs. Rihanna called Ryan
Seacrest this morning on KIIS
FM, explaining her choice to
record two duets with the
man who brutalized her three
years ago — “I reached out to
him about doing ‘Birthday
Cake’ because that’s the only
person that really — it made
sense to do the record. Just
as a musician — despite
everything else — that was
going to be the person.”She
said, “I thought about
rappers, and I’ve done that so
many times, and the hottest
R&B artist out right now is
Chris Brown. So I wanted him
on the track.”It’s not
personal … it’s business …


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