BobbiKristinaBrown –I’m NotCommitting Incest!

Whitney Houston’s daughter
Bobbi Kristina isn’t fazed by
her granny’s accusations
she’s committing incest by
hooking up with her
“adopted” brother — telling
friends, she’s gonna do what
she wants … no matter
what.Sources close to BK tell
TMZ, the 19-year-old finally
‘fessed up to her close
buddies … she and 22-year-
old Nick Gordon are dating —
ten years after Whitney
unofficially adopted the boy
because he was having
problems at home.TMZ broke
the story … Bobbi’s grandma
Cissy Houston saw the video
we posted — showing Bobbi
and Nick holding hands and
kissing on a lunch run in
Atlanta this week — and told a
close friend, “What [Bobbi
and Nick] are doing is
incestuous.” But Bobbi
couldn’t care less — telling
friends … she doesn’t give a
damn about what Cissy thinks
about her controversial
relationship … and because
Nick’s not her blood brother,
she definitely doesn’t
consider it incest.As one
source put it — Bobbi “can’t
please everyone, so she is
going to please herself by
doing what she wants to do
for once.”As for the maybe
engagement ring Bobbi was
wearing — we’re told she’s
been mum on what it
means … but cryptically told
friends, she and Nick ARE
planning a trip to Vegas in
the near future.


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