EvaLongoria’sBentley –Backs ThatAss Up …Into Another Car

Eva Longoria just got into a
low speed car accident …
again … this time involving
her super-expensive Bentley …
TMZ has learned. Longoria
was trying to leave a parking
lot in L.A. … but the
mechanical arm wouldn’t
raise up … so she tried to
back up in an effort to use
another exit. But Eva didn’t
notice the BMW waiting
behind her … and plowed ass
first into the other ride. We’re
told Eva got out of the car and
checked out the damage —
the Bentley was mostly
unscathed but the BMW
wasn’t so lucky … the hood
and the front grill are all
jacked up. Eva — who was
very nice — apologized for the
accident and traded
information … before finding
an exit that worked … and
going on her way. Longoria
knows the drill by now … as
we previously reported, she
got into a minor fender
bender last month while
leaving a hair salon in West


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