BobbiKristina –FriendsWereShocked toHear She’s Dating Her’Brother’

Looks like no one is immune
from thinking it is weird that
Bobbi Kristina Brown is
dating the guy she used to
consider her “brother” —
because even their closest
friends were shocked by the
news … TMZ has learned.As
TMZ first reported, Bobbi feels
she’s doing nothing wrong
by dating Nick Gordon, the
guy her mother Whitney
unofficially adopted 10 years
ago.According to our sources,
Bobbi broke the news to her
friends at a BBQ this week …
and no one believed it until
the two kissed in front of
everyone. We’re told one
friend felt the “relationship”
was the result of each of
them taking the death of
Whitney too hard … but they
both brushed off that
notion. Our sources say the
rest of the BBQ was quite
awkward after that and
everyone just tried to change
the subject.


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