Breaking News: ‘It’sOver’ – Don JazzyConfirms Mo’HitsBreak-up

boss Michael Collins finally
confirmed the on-going
rumours of his irreconcilable
relationship with label mate
D’banj , saying it is the ‘end of a
long era’.
The hit producer finally spoke
up via micro-blogging site
Twitter Just a few minutes ago.
Don Jazzy who says he has been
going through some changes in
his life has also announced that
in view of ending his stay with
Mo’Hits, he will be ‘donating the
proceeds of his production
catalogue from day one till date
to five charity organizations’.
‘Good day friends. So sorry I
have been away for long as I
have been going through some
changes in my life. It is with a
heavy heart that i announce the
end of a long Era and the
beginning of a new one some
of the Rumours you have all
heard recently are sad but true.
The way forward now is to
make sure I keep bringing you
guys more of the beautiful
music y’all love to dance to. And
to end the old era I will be
donating d proceeds of my
production catalogue from day
1 till date to 5 charity
organizations. Thanks. IDJA’, his
statement via Twitter read.
D’banj nor anybody from his
camp are yet to make any


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