UgandaPrimeMinisterAmamaMbabaziResponds to Kony 2012Video

Uganda Prime Minister
Amama Mbabazi is finally
responding to the Kony 2012
viral video — with a video of
his own and a series of
tweets directed at a slew of
celebrities.Just a day after
Kony 2012 director Jason
Russell was detained by
police after a naked
meltdown on the streets of
San Diego, Mbabazi posted a
video on YouTube refuting a
“false impression” people
have been given about the
country as a result of
Marshall’s video. Mbabazi said
the video is not
representative of the current
conditions in his country and
added, “The Kony 2012
campaign fails to make one
crucial point clear: Joseph
Kony is not in
Uganda.”Mbabazi also
tweeted at several celebs who
helped make the Kony 2012
video so popular (see below).


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