2face Idibia turnsclub owner?

Those close to 2face
Idibia want us to believe he has
‘acquired’ the popular night club
and hang out spot La Cachette,
in GRA-Ikeja, Lagos. But his
managers at Now Muzik say the
pop icon has NO interests in the
club’s new management.
We’re told Dotun Omotoye, a
veteran of the night club
business has taken over La
Cachette, and his major partner
is Idibia. Omotoye and Idibia are
close friends.
‘Dotun might just be a front for
2face who actually bought over
the club some time ago and is
renovating the building to re-
launch it under another name’, a
source told NET.
However, according to a Now
Muzik rep, the news is ‘as bogus
as silicone implants’. ‘2face has
not acquired La Cachette, and
has no investments there too’,
Now Muzik COO Don T told our
reporter over the phone.
‘I’m not surprised they’re
denying, because it actually pays
them to keep it under wraps’,
our source says. ‘Dotun is
already having problems dealing
with the rumours about 2face
acquiring the club. ‘Everybody
wants to overbill him and even
the State’s agencies are not
helping matters as they have
raised the cost for the land
revenue amongst other things’.
We’re told the on-going
situation has inspired Omotoye
to name the club ‘Rumours’ as
he tries to suppress the
‘rumours’. ‘I’m just tired of
what’s going on. People keep
saying 2face owns the place‘,
Dotun Omotoye, who’s married
to singer Kween, tells NET.
Meanwhile, Omotoye has more
immediate problems to fix, as
the premises of the club remain
sealed off by the state
government. ‘I’m trying to get all
this sorted out. Hopefully I will‘,
Dotun told our reporter last
week, just outside the club’s
NET also gathered that residents
of the area, uncomfortable with
the club’s activities, are allegedly
behind the sealing off of the
club. It is not the first time La
Cachette is being shut by the
state government.
‘The residents in the
neighbourhood don’t want the
place opened again for obvious
reasons‘, a source who works
close by told our reporter.


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