DonaldTrumpSLAMSRosieO’Donnell– I Was Right, She’s a TotalFAILURE

Donald Trump is playing the “I
Told You So” card with Rosie
O’Donnell … reminding
everyone he dubbed her a
complete failure years before
Oprah cancelled her show.
Trump went on Twitter this
morning and wrote, “Rosie
O’Donnell has failed again. Her
ratings were abysmal and
Oprah cancelled her on Friday
night.”He added: “When will
media executives learn that
Rosie just hasn’t got it. “Of
course, Trump has been
bashing Rosie for years …
claiming she was a “pig” and
a “loser” after she called him a
“snake-oil salesman.” As for
Rosie … we’re told her
opinion of the staff was clear
— The writers couldn’t write,
the producers couldn’t
produce, the stage manager
couldn’t manage, and the
director couldn’t direct. Mind
you, most of these people
were seasoned vets who
worked on that little show
called “Oprah.”We’re told
Rosie’s tantrums were
predictable and regular. The
one word several high level
staffers used to describe R.O.
is “bully.”Our sources
connected with the show tell
us the staff hated Ro … and
the consensus is it was the
worst experience they ever
had on TV.


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