OprahWinfrey –Bloodbathat OWN

First Rosie … now TMZ has
learned roughly 30 people
got the chop at the Oprah
Winfrey Network today …
including 2 high level execs.
Sources connected to OWN
tell us … people from at least 3
departments were let go …
including the creative services
dept., integrated marketing
and promo scheduling. We’re
told one of the casualties was
the head of the Creative
Services Department. Another
was the Senior Vice President
of Production. One source
tells us the group included
people with years of
experience in the industry as
well as newcomers. The
timing is interesting …
considering O just
cancelled Rosie O’Donnell’s
show. OWN has been
struggling with low ratings
since its launch.One source
tells us, “It’s like a ghost town
over there.”We’re told, “They
did the firings respectfully …
brought everyone into an
office individually and
explained the situation face
to face.”Calls to OWN have not
been returned.


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