Tonto Dike indouble Nollywoodmarriage crash?

Nollywood actors and actresses
often seem to have more
compelling real lives than the
characters they play, especially
concerning stories with divorce,
break ups and infidelity being
peddled in the media.
The latest characters in this
seemingly never ending cycle
are hunky director Tchidi
Chikere and his beautiful
actress wife, who have been
married for almost a decade,
and have three children.
However, on Wednesday, 14
March, 2012, this marital roller-
coaster ride ended for the
couple with the issuance of a
statement purportedly by the
director’s publicist, stating,
among other things that ‘After
nine years of union that
produced three wonderful boys,
respected movie producer,
Tchidi Chikere and wife, Sophia
will be going their separate
ways. The couple, who have
been trying to make things
work for nine years will be
calling it quits. They reached this
painful decision after several
break-ups and efforts to make
the marriage work failed’.
The statement goes on to say
that Mr Chikere will continue to
provide fatherly support for his
children and remain best friends
with his ex-wife in the interest
of their three boys.
Also on Wednesday, March 14,
2012, another Nollywood
director, Daniel Ademinokan,
apparently troubled by reports
about an imminent marital
break-up with his wife, Doris
Simeon, took to social
networking site, Facebook to
state his feelings about such
While not clarifying whether his
marriage was intact or heading
for the rocks, based on his
convictions that such matters
were ‘private’, he however
stated that; ‘I know the
challenges that come with my
profession, fully understanding
the fact that whatever we do is
constantly under the scrutiny of
the public. However, I am also
human and I am entitled to my
He goes on further to lay the
blame on ‘most’ of the press for
fabricating stories.
‘We know how the press works
and most of them have made us
understand and see their
highest levels of incompetency
by writing stories that link me
with a colleague that I respect
but do not even talk with’.
What is interesting in the two
scenarios is the fact that there
appears to be a link between
them. This ‘link’ is what the
latter described as ‘a colleague
that I respect but do not even
talk with’. That link is Tonto Dike.
Even though the cause of the
break-up in the Chikeres’ case
was not stated by the publicist,
sources claim that his alleged
fling with Tonto Dike played a
prominent role in the saga;
allegations that the controversial
actress has denied in the past.
In the Ademinokans’ case, many
allege the ‘D’ between Doris and
Daniel is Dike as she has been
unsparingly blamed as the
reason the couple are reportedly
now living apart. Some media
reports have even sensationally
reported the story with
headlines such as ‘Tonto Dike
tears Doris Simeon’s marriage
apart’ and ‘Daniel Ademinokan
splits from wife Doris Simeon
over Tonto Dike’.
Even though there’s no concrete
proof yet that Tonto Dike is
responsible for the splitting up
of these couples, it does appear
that she may turn out to be a
staple of break up tales to come.
Perhaps the actress, who has
set tongues wagging in the past
over alleged trysts with big
names in the Nigerian
entertainment industry like Don
Jazzy, 2face, Wizkid, Naeto C,
Joseph Benjamin and socialite
Rotimi Ajanaku, has taken her
‘craft’ a notch higher?
If things are not clarified
properly, and on time, Ms Dike
could soon -wrongly or rightly-
earn the unenviable reputation
of Nollywood’s ‘marriage


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