50 Cent Promises July AlbumRelease

The follow-up to 50 Cent **’s
“Before I Self Destruct” may finally
see the light of day soon. The hip-
hop star posted on Twitter on
Tuesday (Mar. 20) that his fifth
album will be released on July 2.
“I got some heat trust me I’m
ready,” 50 wrote [ LINK]. “My
birthdays july 6 so that’s a cool
date for ME. Its gonna be july2
album, july4 independence day,
then july6 my birthday.”
The rapper recently dusted off a
DEBUT ALBUM, 2003’s “Get Rich
or Die Tryin’,” in its entirety at the
“Fuse Live: Shady 2.0” showcase
at South By Southwest on Friday
night. 50 Cent was joined by his
Shady/Aftermath mentor, Eminem
**, who ripped into tracks like
“Patiently Waiting” and “Crack a
Bottle” alongside the New York
rapper during the show.
“I kicked it with EM after the
show i told him how I feel about
my new album,” 50 wrote on
Tuesday. “I’m gonna get on the
phone with DRE today about it.”
50 Cent’s fifth studio effort has
been mired in delays for over a
year: last June, the rapper
criticized his label, Interscope
Records, for holding up the
release before leaking a new
track, “Outlaw,” himself. In
December, the rapper released a
new mixtape, “The Big 10,”
featuring his recent G-Unit signee
Precious Paris.
“Before I Self Destruct,” which
featured the single “Baby By Me”
and guest spots by Eminem and
Ne-Yo **, has sold 500,000
copies, according to Nielsen


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